How to perform remote maintenance with smart glasses?


Unplanned downtime is costly and results in huge losses while waiting for experts to arrive and fix the problem.
With remote maintenance using smart glasses, remote experts can connect seamlessly to the on-site technicians wearing smart glasses and get the machine back up and running, without a delay.


Most of the maintenance tasks can be done locally, but different advanced tasks may require specific expertise to complete tasks with minimal downtime and full operational efficiency. However, experts are not always available to travel to facilities. In this case, the most practical and convenient approach is connecting those experts remotely. But industries are often facing challenges in connecting remote experts in a secured way and in real-time. So, today let’s talk about a practical solution to remote maintenance.

“Remote maintenance involves the use of hardware, software, and connectivity. Smart glasses-based remote maintenance is proven to be one of the most accessible approaches to providing uninterrupted employee assistance for maintenance tasks."

Imagine, a facility manager who is responsible for maintaining the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, notices a malfunctioning and rapidly rising temperature in the air conditioning unit in one of the building rooms. Instead of calling a technician for a physical inspection, he can contact an expert and remotely connect to the control panel using remote assistance software on smart glasses.


What makes seamless remote maintenance possible?


“Smart glasses equipped with a microphone and camera.”
It allows remote experts to see in real-time what the smart glasses wearer sees. This way, a remote expert can guide the wearer through various maintenance procedures and troubleshooting issues.

To perform remote maintenance with smart glasses, follow these steps: 



  • Step 1: Put on the smart glasses.

Wear smart glasses equipped with a microphone, a camera and embedding remote assistance software.


  • Step 2: Connect to a network. 

Make sure that the smart glasses are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or cellular network.


  • Step 3: Launch a remote maintenance application. 

With the smart glasses’ voice commands, launch “Remote assistance”.


  • Step 4: Connect with a remote expert.

A video call has to be set up for both parties to see and share information. This allows experts at a distance to be able to see what the smart glasses wearer is seeing with the help of a camera of the headset.


  • Step 5: Start executing the maintenance with remote expert guidance. 

For example, an expert can guide a technician by exactly locating an element, drawing an arrow, inserting text, and many more.

 "Technician’s view will be enhanced with specific details and the addition of digital elements."


  • Step 6: Once the remote maintenance task is completed, the technician can end the session with his voice commands.


How _to_perform_remote_maintennace_with_smart_glasses

Sack & Kiesselbach, a global leader in the manufacture of metal presses and hydraulic coins was looking for a way to make remote maintenance easier. Markus Schlein, CEO of the company says, “Thanks to smart glasses, we can look over the shoulder of the engineer, give him instructions, and control immediately if the instructions are implemented correctly”. Read the full case study here.




Smart glasses provide a new approach to maintenance. This technology allows businesses to save travel time, lower costs and reduce carbon footprint.