AMA launches industry-first 'On & Live' functionality on cimo smart glasses

AMA introduced XpertEye On & Live on cimo, moziware’s smart wearable device, this September 6th, 2022.

All it takes is to push the button on this lightweight headset to start collaborating instantly and benefit from full HD video quality, industrial noise cancellation, and many more.

The ease of use of this combined offer will make it the remote collaboration solution of choice for leading industry 4.0 companies and numerous healthcare institutions.


What is On & Live?

Animation On & Live - Fond blanc

At AMA, our team is constantly working to innovate and provide powerful software solutions to frontline workers. To get instant access to company experts and up-to-date work instructions, frontline workers require easy and rapid access to their collaboration tools. The On & Live feature will help them to start collaborating right away without having to configure anything in advance except for the first login. So, On & Live in action is as simple as it sounds. All it takes is to push the button on your smart glasses to connect with a remote expert and start collaborating instantly.

Once logged in to XpertEye using a QR code, you will be automatically recognized the next time you’ll be using the solution. This way, users will be ready to make or receive an instant call, while enjoying a hands-free and voice-controlled experience.


Introduction: cimo-out-of-the-box ready AR smart glasses



"In 400 BC, The Chinese philosopher "Mozi," wrote an early description of the camera obscura, who believed in the concept of knowledge and idea sharing to foster understanding around the world. And fast forward to 2022, moziware has launched a versatile and smart wearable to nurture remote collaboration and data capture.


About moziware

moziware is a pioneer in accelerating digital transformation with leading-edge wearables. Its mission is to create an ecosystem of solutions to leverage Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies while empowering frontline workers.

moziware- cimo is the first pocket-size smart glasses yet equipped with advanced features that can turn anyone into a virtual expert.


ccimo features



Ultra-compact and lightweight

cimo’s lightweight and compact design is made to fit comfortably in a pocket. Smart glasses wearers can operate endlessly and tirelessly with these easy-to-wear smart glasses.




Durable design

They are drop, dust, and water resistant allowing teams to connect in every environment. With a battery life of 8 hours and an extended battery if needed, you’ll be effortlessly connected without downtime.


Intuitive voice commands

cimo’s smart glasses are fully functional with voice commands, allowing complete hands-free operations.


2 high-resolution cameras

They have 2 high-resolution HDR cameras that enhance visibility, improve the user's field of view, and allow collaborators to view from multiple angles, and zoom in and out.



Client success story | Konica Minolta

As part of their DX2022 digital transformation plan, Konica Minolta implemented XpertEye to quickly troubleshoot and solve on-site hardware problems for dealers and customers remotely.

✔️ Reduced machine downtime
✔️ Improved customer experience




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