Vuzix and AMA empowering global frontline workers

A forecast from IDC expects that mobile workers will account for nearly 60% of the total U.S. workforce by 2024. However, only 49% of frontline workers are currently enabled with mobile devices. We, therefore, joined hands with Vuzix to cater to the needs of these frontline workers. AMA’s assisted reality software solutions combined with Vuzix intuitive wearable smart glasses will empower these workers to complete tasks more efficiently and error-free.

What are the challenges for frontline workers?

  • Challenges for industry heroes

    Increased globalization and industrial complexity create a high demand for skilled technicians. Also, the expanding footprint of companies worldwide creates a geographically dispersed workforce who still need to share information in real-time. They don’t necessarily have easy access to the right information nor to the appropriate technology. 

  • Challenges for medical personnel

    Seamless, instant communication is needed to improve care and save lives. For instance, an emergency dispatcher might need immediate advice from a remote obstetrician to help a mother in labor. Similarly, medical professionals find it difficult to improve patients’ care who are living in remote areas. They need the right tools to bring primary care to these healthcare locations.

How Vuzix and AMA work together to overcome these challenges

Industries often rely on legacy technologies to combat these challenges. However, dedicated software and tools could help frontline workers from industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, energy, transportation, or healthcare work more efficiently and further develop their skills.

Boost remote support

Recently, we announced the reinforcement of our partnership with Vuzix to grow and strengthen our ability to deliver world-class remote collaboration for frontline workers. We have been working together to provide advanced teleassistance using AR-capable smart glasses. Our remote collaboration solutions, created specifically for the mobile frontline worker, help to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional conferencing solutions designed for the office. They allow to share one’s view of a situation with another person through audio and video capabilities while keeping hands free and being on the move. Workers in the field can be instantly connected to remote support experts, ensuring the task is done correctly, and eliminating the time spent and expenses incurred by traveling.


Example: AR-enhanced remote support @ Michelin


Come eseguire il controllo qualità dei pneumatici in remoto -ama-xperteye


Michelin Lab, an incubator for innovative technology projects has deployed Vuzix combined with XpertEye for remote inspection and monitoring of tire wear from heavy trucks. Some of the missions of the field engineers are tire tuning, monitoring of pressure, and analyzing tire wear related to truck drivers’ behavior. They deployed Vuzix smart glasses combined with an endoscope to inspect the twin tires at the back of the lorry. This led them to see if the tires were damaged without having to dismantle them.


The versatile & powerful Vuzix M400

In addition to XpertEye Advanced, the Vuzix M400 smart glasses are now also available on XpertEye Essential.



Vuzix _and _AMA_ empowering_ global _frontline_ workers -1

Key features:

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear all-day 

  • Immersive UI embedding Vivoka’s multilingual automatic speech recognition

  • High processing power

  • High-quality OLED panel display including a high resolution camera

  • Waterproof design


Investing in digital transformation

We both believe that investing in digital transformation, education, and improving the employee experience is essential to help frontline workers excel at their job. We will therefore continue to develop mobile solutions that help shape the future of work.


#Celebrating the deskless workforce together