Keep your business running with remote assistance

Your experts provide real-time support to field teams, customers and partners regardless of their location.


Company performance and competitiveness are currently being challenged by the protective measures that each and every one of us has to observe as we overcome this health crisis together.

We are all affected and accountable, but the fact remains that enterprises are obliged to rethink their organizational structures. Keeping in contact and assuring the chain of communication with our customers, teams and partners is strategic and nothing less than essential in times of isolation. The same applies to our productivity and to maintaining service.

XpertEye Lite is a secure “click and connect” remote assistance solution whose simplicity and ease of use ensure its rapid deployment. Indeed, without any need for dedicated equipment, you can quite simply start collaborating via your own smartphone, tablet or PC. When you receive an invitation to collaborate, via text message or email, just click on the secure link to connect seamlessly to the platform and start collaborating in a highly secure environment. All you need is access to a Chrome or Safari browser to log on. You don’t even have to download an app.

Once connected, you can start collaborating remotely and leverage functionalities such as remote control, taking photos, instant messaging, importing images, etc. This enables you to:

  • Guarantee the installation and maintenance of equipment by assisting the field technician
  • Give an expert opinion or diagnosis
  • Undertake a mobile inspection, the person in the field sharing the situation with you live
  • Provide training, whether step-by-step instruction, monitoring and advice, or skills consolidation

By using XpertEye, you can keep supporting your customers, teams and partners!