How to make the right choice in the smart glasses’ jungle?

Please consider the following 5 criteria when selecting your model.

  • Use case and application: Different use cases call for different device requirements. You should consider in what kind of environment the glasses will be used. Will it be in an industrial setting where aspects like dust-tight, water resistant, shock resistant, approval for use in explosive environments are factors to take into account, or, rather in a medical environment where light management and wearing comfort are important elements to look for.

  • Monocular vs binocular design: Monocular smart glasses are head-mounted displays where you have an optical engine positioned on one of your lenses. These glasses have a more limited field of view projected in front of the user than binocular smart glasses. Some applications require binocular displays to provide information to the user, others require unrestricted vision and hence monocular glasses. What device design is most appropriate for you depends on your working environment, the kind and amount of data you need to access.

  • Battery life: Battery life depends on the battery capacity and the application running on the device. A longer battery life ensures prolonged use of your smart glasses and hence a better customer experience. There exist a range of options to extend the use of smart glasses including external battery packs, replaceable & hot swappable batteries or tethered devices.

  • Functionalities: Depending on your use case, look out for functionalities such as noise canceling, voice commands, and connectivity options (Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.).

  • Wearing comfort & accessories: Wearing smart glasses all day long can be tiresome. That is why it is important to choose glasses that provide great nose and temple comfort and have a good weight and balance. Ergonomics can be improved through the use of compatible accessories like a headband, safety glasses, work helmet mounts, etc.

AMA is working with all the main hardware manufacturers. Do not hesitate to contact one of our project managers to help you choose the model best suited to your use case.