First year of action with the UN


• AMA publishes its first Communication on Progress (CoP) after 1 year of commitment to the UN Global Compact
• The 10 principles of the Global Compact relating to human rights, international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption are integrated by AMA and are illustrated by concrete actions
• AMA re-commits to the UN Global Compact for the year 2022

What is the UN Global Compact?

The Global Compact is also a way to support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted in September 2015 by the UN, which aim to build a more sustainable and inclusive world by 2030.
Signing the UN Global Compact is a voluntary step on the part of the company, which then commits itself to a process of continuous improvement for the four themes of the Global Compact. Each year, companies must report on their progress by publishing an annual report called Communication on Progress (CoP).
Today, the United Nations Global Compact is the world's largest voluntary international initiative for sustainable development. It brings together more than 13,000 participants in 170 countries.


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The Global Compact, a commitment at the heart of AMA's CSR strategy

AMA has been committed to the UN Global Compact since March 8, 2021. Therefore, we are publishing our "Communication on Progress" for the first time which shows our commitment to the 10 UN principles and our support to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
In view of our activity and the company's strategic choices, we have decided, with the Board of Directors, to focus on 6 Sustainable Development Objectives:

Image3-global-compactAs AMA began to organize its CSR strategy, its commitment to the United Nations came naturally. As a global initiative, the Global Compact allows AMA to refine its commitments, to be part of a continuous improvement process and to join a worldwide network of committed companies, while integrating the entire company, with its subsidiaries.

For each of the 4 themes of the Global Compact, we have, in collaboration with different teams, defined clear indicators and ambitious objectives.
To fulfill our promises, we are implementing, with the help of our 17 CSR coordinators, concrete actions related to the Global Compact principles.
You will find all our actions and commitments in our Communication on Progress!

Renewing a meaningful commitment

Becoming a member of the Global Compact has helped us make progress on several topics, particularly those related to human rights and the environment. Listening to the experiences of other companies has been very helpful and allowed us to discover good practices that could be implemented at AMA. Sometimes, this has led us to make some adjustments to the way we work, but above all it has strengthened us to achieve our CSR strategy.
In 2022, we will continue to move forward with all our AMAmates, and we want to involve them in our continuous improvement process. Therefore, AMA is very pleased to further its commitment to the United Nations and thus contribute to a more sustainable society within the Global Compact community.