AMA has just launched the AMA Sustainability Awards to highlight the CO2 emissions saved by its clients in 2022 thanks to the adoption of XpertEye. XpertEye reduces the need to travel, which is a key factor for limiting their carbon footprint, while promoting active collaboration, skill sharing, and productivity gains, in addition to facilitating decision-making for its users.
Celebrating the active role of our users in the fight against climate change is in line with AMA’s mission statement: Enhance professional’s life while preserving our planet.


According to the ADEME, up to 50% of CO2 emissions from companies are related to professional travel (business trips and home-work journeys).

According to the WWF, if each European company reduced its travel by 10%, this would represent an annual saving of over 11 million tons of CO2, equivalent to the annual consumption of 1.3 million Europeans.

In terms of avoided emissions, intentions, and declarations are not enough, they must be measured. 
Therefore, AMA turned to its carbon coach Sami to establish a methodology to estimate the net avoided emissions obtained using XpertEye. 
The term "net" means that the emissions induced using AMA's solutions have been considered.


Who is our carbon coach Sami?

Originally, two friends, trained and aware of the impact of climate change, Nicolas and Tanguy have developed an all-in-one connected platform allowing customers to analyze their carbon footprint and define and manage a climate strategy with a Sami coach.
Their mission: to democratize the climate commitment of European companies. They have raised 500 000€ from their community to accelerate their growth.
Their expertise: they are trained in the Carbon Footprint ® method proposed by ABC, 
the association for low-carbon transition.
They are members and partners of ABC, responsible for carbon accounting methodologies in France (carbon balance, avoided emissions, etc.).


What is the basis of the methodology?

The methods used are ADEME's QuantiGES and Carbone's Net Zero Initiative, which evaluates avoided emissions. The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) is a public institution under the joint supervision of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation.

The estimation is carried out according to the choice of a reference scenario. We based our evaluation on the trips avoided by our customers when using XpertEye.

Sami established rules and a set of assumptions, based on statistics related to the number of calls, the number of participants, and the location of the country, taking into account the following recommendations: https://www.carbone4.com/publication-nzi-pilierb
The main assumptions of the AMA avoided emissions assessment model for the year 2022 are based on 

•    On the evaluation of average intra-country trips 
•    An identical calculation process in terms of longitudes and latitudes, depending on the country for the estimation of trips 
•    An assumed mode of transport, defined according to the reference distance
•    The emissions induced by XpertEye are calculated during our last carbon assessment on a time-to-use ratio.                

According to the ADEME definition, in absolute terms, a company or organization has 3 modes of action to engage in the low-carbon transition:
1.    It can act directly on the emissions related to its activity. 
2.    It can finance low-carbon projects or carbon sequestration projects at a third party, outside its scope of activity.
3.   It can produce solutions that allow its users to reduce their impact on existing practices. This is clearly what XpertEye proposes, and it is in this spirit that the AMA Sustainability Award was created.

The fight against climate change is a sum of actions taken every day, and participating in reducing the environmental impact of our customers is part of this.
For this first edition, 41 customers in Japan, Italy, China, Dubai, France, Germany, and the United States received this award. We would like to thank and congratulate them for having avoided together at least 3,000 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions by 2022.

If you are an XpertEye user and you would like an evaluation of your avoided CO2 emissions, we invite you to contact us at csr@ama.bzh
These indicators can also be shared in your company’s sustainability extra-financial reports and used in ISO quality processes.