Experience XpertEye On & Live on the RealWear Navigator 520 smart glasses with HyperDisplay

Introducing the brand-new RealWear Navigator 520


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RealWear has introduced the latest model of smart glasses for Navigator 500 series. The new RealWear Navigator 520 comes with an upgraded display while maintaining all the features of the RealWear Navigator 500.

Equipped with a long-lasting hot-swappable battery, the N500 series are 28% lighter than HMT. They have a modular design with 4 built-in microphones and noise cancellation for industry settings. Easy to put on and comfortable to wear, the Navigator 500 series are 100% hands-free and voice-controlled.

The modular design and new HyperDisplay makes N520 a  pragmatic headset choice for modern frontline workers for various use cases like remote assistance, inspection, and training.


RealWear Navigator 500 & RealWear Navigator 520, what’s the difference?


RealWear N520 comes with a new eye box “HyperDisplay” offering a sharper, bigger, and bolder image.
This way, the smart glasses wearers can have full situational awareness of their surroundings. Since the HyperDisplay gives more than 20% larger views compared to the previous series, they are ideal for accessing data, video, and schematics.


Display comparison RealWear Navigator 500 Versus RealWear Navigator 520


 Core display 

RealWear Navigator 500


RealWear Navigator 520


WVGA (854x480)

HD (1280x720)

Field of view



Eye box



Eye relief



Display size




Besides a hands-free experience & pleasant viewing experience the glasses wearers can experience:

  • A full situational awareness with a bigger display

  • Longer eye relief using better screen positioning

  • The perfect viewing angle that is supported by a large eye box

  • Sharper visuals and improved color representation with HD display


How to experience XpertEye’s On & Live on N520 smart glasses

Animation On & Live - Fond blanc

Frontline workers can experience  XpertEye’s On & Live functionality on the RealWear Navigator 500. Simply, press the On-button to launch XpertEye and start collaborating immediately! The only few steps that you need to follow:


OnLive-V1 (002) On&Live-V2 OnLive-V3 (002)

Step1: Put the glasses on 

Step 2: Press the power button

Step 3: Connect to a remote expert and start collaborating instantly.


The improved HyperDisplay offering a bigger, sharper, and bolder image, combined with the On & Live functionality, is the best companion for every frontline worker. 



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