AMA supports the Medical Emergency training program organized by French Professor Pujo in Indonesia

Intensive training was conducted in Jakarta from 22 to 26 August 2022 for a group of 45 medical doctors. The training involved various interactive sessions to help trainees implement effective emergency healthcare.


Possibilities of emergency telemedicine in Jakarta

The largest island country in the world is blessed with 17,508 islands. However, geographical remoteness hinders the accessibility of adequate health services for rural communities.

The development of emergency medicine in Indonesia is in its infancy and requires rapid improvement to meet its country's demands. Moreover, the archipelago geography is one of the significant challenges to providing accessible healthcare.

Providing training will open avenues to telemedicine that link doctors in urban areas to isolated communities in remote areas on islands. Similarly, aR technology like smart glasses can facilitate instant access to healthcare.

The SAMU training intends to help emergency responders become more independent in treating casualties where it's difficult for experts to be available 24/7.


SAMU, the emergency responders in France

SAMU is the national emergency organization in France that gives 24 hours of medical services. Mostly, it intervenes in pre-hospital care, helping patients orient toward the right medical service. There is one SAMU per French department, run by the main local hospital.

They also have ambulances equipped with trained personnel and equipment for emergency conditions known as SMUR (Mobile emergency and resuscitation structures). So, for those patients who need urgent medical care, it has doctors specializing in emergency medicine, and nurses, who ensure the diagnosis, treatment, and transport of patients in a medical emergency.


An insight into the training program

The event was initiated by Pr. Jean-Marc Pujo, the Senior Medical Director at SAMU 973 (Cayenne) in partnership with the university FKUI in Indonesia. Since the SAMU emergency respondents are specially trained for emergency medical assistance and advanced medical support, the training aims at making doctors handle emergencies more effectively.

Various training modules were led by doctors from the French SAMU.

Module 1: Emergency readiness

Module 2: Hemodynamic failure management

Module 3: Respiratory failure management

Module 4: Analgesic and sedation techniques

This training program will be followed by two other sessions in a few upcoming months at the end of which all trainees will receive a French diploma.


Training doctors with XpertEye

As AMA is actively working with about 23 SAMU, the XpertEye solution was presented as part of the training. With XpertEye, emergency responders can transmit a real-time video of the scene of an accident to an emergency medical dispatcher. This helps them better assess the seriousness of the situation to provide a faster and more adapted response. Similarly, the use of smart glasses and additional cameras can bring added value to emergency medicine.



All trainers tried out XpertEye and experienced the solution's ease of use.