AMA defines its “raison d’être”


• “La raison d’être” involves thinking about the company's vision, why it exists, and the social, societal, and environmental contributions it is committed to achieving.
• AMA's raison d’être” has been defined as: "Enhance professionals’ life while preserving the planet".
• It was built collaboratively with the members of the AMA board of directors (CODIR), the employees, and the AMA administrative council.

What is a sense of purpose for a company?

According to Jean-Dominique Senard and Nicole Notat, "the “raison d’être” ties the past to the present; it is the DNA of the company. It does not have an economic value but is rather a matter of vision and meaning". A company’s “raison d’être” goes beyond the sole product or service sold by the company but implies thinking about the reason why the company exists, and the social, societal, and environmental contributions it is committed to achieving. It leads to the question of why it exists, the WHY conceptualized by Simon Sinek, through the golden circle, explaining that companies know what they produce, how they do it, but few ask themselves the question of why they do it.


golden circle


The sense of purpose, or raison d'être, was created in France in 2019 with the PACTE law (Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation), which stipulates in the law that companies must take into consideration the environmental and social issues inherent to their activity. This law invites companies to include their sense of purpose in their statutes. For those who wish to go further, they can create a status of mission-based companies, with a monitoring body in charge of checking the implementation of the mission.

AMA has chosen to start by defining its ‘raison d'être’.


AMA brings together its business with a social and environmental contribution

Enhance professionals’ life while preserving the planet, such is the raison d'être that has been expressed and chosen by AMA.

AMA _finds _its_ “raison d’être”

  • Enhance professionals’ life: Our job as developers of software solutions who are passionate about innovation is to bring a real improvement in the daily work of professionals in the field, allowing them to communicate more efficiently. In the healthcare industry, our solutions are also useful for people in need of medical assistance. For example, by improving diagnosis in case of an accident, or by providing access to medical care for people living in areas with no specialized medical facilities.

    AMA _finds_ its_ “raison d’être”
  • By preserving the planet: Another benefit of using the XpertEye solution is the reduction of travel, thus avoiding CO2 emissions, through remote collaboration with subject matter professionals. This is a valuable effect that we would like to measure more precisely with the help of our customers.


Working together to define our “raison d'être”

Defining its “raison d'être” is part of AMA's commitment to build its CSR approach. This initiative, guided by the Déclic agency (our CSR consultant), was the result of several stages of collaborative work. First, the members of the Management Committee brainstormed, then the CSR team and our CEO Christian Guillemot refined the proposals, and then the employees voted on the two final proposals. The “raison d'être” was finally examined by the members of the administrative council, who contributed to its final approval.

It will be written into our statutes at the next General Assembly of the group.


We define our “raison d'être” in terms of our commitments, which form the framework of our CSR strategy.

A new step that once again involves a team effort. You will discover four topics that have been selected for AMA in a future article.