AI Report for XpertEye | Available now

In modern work settings, where time is of the essence and meetings play a significant role in collaboration, the challenge of capturing, summarizing, and extracting crucial information is a common obstacle. Teams often struggle to stay aligned and disjointed conversations further complicate the challenge, along with the additional coordination required in hybrid work setups.
That’s why AMA introduces AI Report, a revolutionary tool that is set to change the way you conduct XpertEye sessions for remote maintenance, audit & inspection, training, or customer service.
AI Report elevates your XE sessions into high-impact reviews with real-time insights that guide decision-making and drive your organization forward.


 What is AI Report?

The struggles with session recaps are universal across industries. Whether you're in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, audit, or healthcare, the AI Report promises to be the catalyst for enhanced efficiency, knowledge sharing, and decision-making processes.
By recording your XE session, you get access to an AI-generated XE session report which includes the session transcript, summary, action points, speaker timeline, topics & chapters, and translations. 

How does AI Report work?

  • Record your XpertEye session
  • AI data processing and generation: Once the XpertEye session is finished, AI processes all the data generated during the session to create valuable insights and summaries derived from the call.
  • Data storage: Both the XpertEye end-of-session data and AI-generated data are securely stored for a predefined period in our Data Locker with the provision that the data can be retrieved by authorized parties only
  • Transfer to Customer Information System: The data can be transferred to the customer's information system through an Application Programming Interface (API). This seamless integration ensures that the customer has easy access to information gathered during the XpertEye session, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions.


What are the key features of AI Report?


  • Session transcript

Ai-Report_TranscriptForget about cumbersome note-taking or juggling recording devices. Our AI-driven Transcript feature automatically converts verbal observations and findings during your XE sessions into accurate, written formats. 


  •    Video and audio recording 



Our video recording feature captures sessions with clarity, preserving every gesture and expression. With multilingual subtitles, you can effortlessly share content worldwide, breaking down language barriers.



  •  Speaker timeline 




Stay on top of who said what with this feature. Our AI chronologically documents the flow of observations, making it simple to review who talked about what and when. This feature ensures accountability and streamlines the follow-up process.

  •  Summary 


Gain immediate understanding with Summaries that distill your session findings into essential points. Our AI analyzes your recorded observations to highlight key information. This high-value overview allows for swift decision-making and reporting to stakeholders, ensuring no detail is overlooked.


  • Topics & Chapters


Dive deeper into specific areas of concern with Topics automatically extracted by our AI. This feature helps you categorize and address the key themes of your XE session, enhancing the thoroughness and accuracy of your review. You can also easily navigate through your XE data using the AI-generated Chapters. Organized by thematic content or key findings, this structured approach improves the clarity and accessibility of your reports, making it straightforward for teams to assess and act on the information.


  • Action points



Transform your findings into progress with AI-identified Action points. Drawn directly from your XE session, these tasks and recommendations guide your next steps and help you prioritize. This feature is indispensable for maintaining standards and implementing corrective actions efficiently.


  • Translations 

All the elements mentioned above (Transcript, Summary, Action points, Chapters & Topics) will be translated into any of the 20 languages chosen at the beginning of the Record & AI report generation process.


  • AI-ready

Upon request, all XE-generated content, including board images, chat messages, session reports, video records, audio tracks, and transcriptions, can be fully integrated into your company's AI system for comprehensive use.