5 top reasons why your frontline workers need XpertEye

In the fast-paced world of frontline operations, where every moment counts and precision is non-negotiable, having the right tool at your disposal can make all the difference. In this article, we will delve into the top 5 reasons why your frontline workers need XpertEye. We will explore how this remote assistance app changes the collaboration dynamics between frontline workers and experts and uncover what really sets XpertEye apart.

1.  Reduce costly on-site visits

Gone are the days when a technician's physical presence was mandatory for troubleshooting and maintenance. XpertEye allows you to virtually transport experts to the field and drastically reduces the need for costly on-site visits. This slashes travel expenses and accelerates issue resolution, resulting in substantial time and cost savings. Moreover, using XpertEye can benefit various other use cases such as remote assistance, remote collaboration, remote inspection, and many others.


Customer case study


5 _top_ reasons _why _your_ frontline_ needs_ XpertEye_ frontline_ worker_ apps_solvay

 Before the COVID pandemic, Solvay Materials Italy used to organize in-person tours of their application development lab for clients and colleagues who were not located nearby. However, due to travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the team adopted the use of XpertEye for remote collaboration. This allowed them to conduct a virtual tour of the lab, enabling participants to navigate through the procedural details regardless of their distant physical location.


  • Solvay achieved cost savings of approximately €30,000 per year

  • Reduced CO2 emissions of at least 5 tons per year

  • Efficiency improvements & faster project delivery


“This new way of working is here to stay.” 

Stefano Mortara, EMEA Application Development Labs Manager at Solvay 

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2.   Improve uptime & efficiency


XpertEye aims to eliminate this challenge with its seamless remote support capabilities. By connecting field personnel with remote experts in real-time, XpertEye ensures that technical flaws are promptly addressed.

The result? Enhanced uptime, increased productivity, and smoother operations that keep your business running smoothly.


Unplanned downtime can cripple operations and affect profits.

According to a report by Siemens published in 2023, the cost of downtime has seen a significant increase over the past two years (2021-22). Unplanned downtime now amounts to 11% of the yearly turnover for Fortune Global 500 companies, nearly $1.5 trillion, up from $864 billion two years ago (2019-20).



Customer case study
Horiba Tocadero



In monitoring wastewater's total organic carbon (TOC) content of their TOC analyzer, Horiba faced a pressing challenge – minimizing downtime while ensuring accurate results. 

XpertEye allows a technician to monitor and service a device, system, or instrument remotely, favoring a holistic smart maintenance approach by facilitating predictive maintenance, through which defects can be rectified before they escalate.



  • Significant reduction in downtime for TOC analyzers

  • Reduced assignment costs 

  • Potentially saving up to 5 days of travel for on-site technicians


"We have been using XpertEye solutions for two years now. As a result, maintenance can be performed quickly and efficiently, and instrument uptime has been increased. Furthermore, with the solutions from AMA, we have now the possibility to further expand and improve our internal and external service."

Dr. Stefan Vosskötter, Key Account Manager

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3.  Enhance safety & compliance

The XpertEye application can significantly help industries in increasing safety and compliance by providing real-time guidance, expertise, and monitoring to frontline workers in various environments. 

By using wearable devices like smart glasses, on-site workers can receive real-time guidance from remote experts during critical tasks. For example, in manufacturing, a worker wearing smart glasses can be guided by an expert through step-by-step maintenance procedures, ensuring compliance with safety protocols. This aR technology minimizes risks, prevents errors, and maintains adherence to regulatory requirements, ultimately fostering a safer and more compliant work environment.


4.  Retain & share knowledge

Along with immediate problem-solving, XpertEye also contributes to the long-term knowledge management of the organization

  • Capture expertise

During remote assistance sessions, experts can provide guidance using annotations, instructions, and explanations. These interactions can be recorded, creating a repository of valuable knowledge for future reference.

  • Training and onboarding

The recorded sessions can serve as training materials for new employees or those unfamiliar with certain tasks. They can access a library of past assistance sessions to learn how to handle various situations effectively.

  • Knowledge transfer

During remote assistance sessions, experts can provide guidance using annotations, instructions, and explanations. These interactions can be recorded, creating a repository of valuable knowledge for future reference.


Customer case study


5 _top_ reasons _why _your_ frontline_ needs_ XpertEye_ frontline_ worker_ apps_michelin_labs


Primarily known for their research and tire production, Michelin initiated an internal program to integrate aR technology into their workplace, focusing specifically on their R&D teams. Researchers were able to guide technicians during tire 'autopsies' and gain valuable insights with the assistance of aR-powered smart glasses. This knowledge-sharing approach improved industrial inspections significantly.


“This plug-and-play solution recently enabled us to very quickly deploy remote expertise to handle various emergencies linked to the constraints of COVID-19 travel restrictions."

Thomas Florentin, IT Team Leader at Michelin 

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5.    Reduce carbon footprint

One of the most impactful ways remote assistance solutions contribute to reducing the carbon footprint is by minimizing the need for travel. Traditional technical support and troubleshooting often require experts to travel to the site in need of assistance. This involves transportation, which typically results in carbon emissions from vehicles, airplanes, and other modes of transport. Remote assistance using XpertEye eliminates or significantly reduces the need for such travel, thereby cutting down emissions.

Customer case study
Wayne Farms


In the US poultry industry, Wayne Farms has harnessed the capabilities of XpertEye to conduct virtual audits and facilitate remote collaboration. Instead of sending a technician across the country, they now fix equipment issues from afar, cutting downtime from possibly 2 days to just 2 hours.

“XpertEye is a great platform, that could impact the whole food safety industry. It allows us to have a daily digital touchpoint with our customers and stay committed to always meeting their needs.”

Juan Devillena, Director of Quality Assurance at Wayne Farms

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