Perspectives on reducing our carbon footprint

In brief:

• Together with our CSR coordinators, we have drawn up an action plan to reduce our carbon footprint, with ambitious targets set as part of the Science Based Targets initiative.
• XpertEye allows to avoid 25teCO2 per kit, over its usage lifetime, according to a first estimation by the Good Planet Foundation.

After a first step of data collection on AMA's activities in 2020 and in our value chain, we obtained our first carbon footprint assessment. This result (step 2) allowed us to discover that almost half of our emissions come from the purchase of goods and services, and then that the main sources of CO2 emissions are our IT hardware and our travel.


Step 3: Reduce our carbon footprint by setting ambitious targets in line with the 1.5°C reduction goal (Paris COP21 agreements)

An analysis is great, reduction goals are even better!

With humility, we want to commit to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions within a recognized framework, that of the Science Based Targets initiative. What is it about? It is an initiative that leads companies to commit to reducing their CO2 emissions in line with the ambitions of the Paris Agreement, i.e. with the objective of containing global warming well below 2°C, the best being 1.5°C, by 2100, compared to pre-industrial levels.



In order for AMA to be in line with these objectives, we must reduce our CO2 emissions by 42% by 2030, on our scope 1 and 2 (direct CO2 emissions, related to our energy consumption). We will also reduce our emissions on scope 3 (indirect emissions in our upstream and downstream value chain), which is currently the subject of discussion with our stakeholders, to set a realistic and achievable target in accordance with our growth objectives.

Our actions are focused on 4 main areas:


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Step 4: In parallel, measure the CO2 emissions eliminated as a result of XpertEye usage

One of the main advantages of our XpertEye solution is that it allows for collaboration between field professionals, for example, by having an expert helping remotely to troubleshoot a failure. By not having to send experts on site and by using XpertEye, CO2 emissions can be reduced!

An initial analysis has been carried out by the Good Planet Foundation. It shows that 55,000 tC02eq have been avoided (and will be avoided) over the entire period of use of the solution (25 months), which represents 26,400 tC02e/year. On average, one XpertEye solution kit will avoid 12 tCO2e/year, which is over its lifetime: 25 tCO2e/kit.

Wishing to be more precise on this subject, we are working with our customers on specific use cases to assess the CO2 emissions eliminated as a result of using the XpertEye solution. If you are part of an organization committed to reducing its carbon footprint, or simply curious to know how many CO2 emissions have been avoided since you have started using XpertEye, please contact us! (

As a result, we are committed to build our CO2 emissions reduction program with our stakeholders.

First, with our 17 internal coordinators, we have made a list of our top priorities in terms of reduction.

Secondly, we have initiated an internal discussion with our purchasing/finance/logistics teams to find ways to optimize our processes. Lastly, we are working closely with our suppliers and carriers to help us improve our practices.